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I am committed to finding him, but so far no luck. I hope he did not go to the glue factory. Love you and hope to see you soon. RSS Feed.

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Gentle Giant Meadows Ranch. Everyone's confused!! Tuesday morning and once again it looks pretty bleak out there. The sky is a murky grey and the rain is falling Yesterday was the start of our lambing season, Smudge, one of our ewes delivered twins in the early hours of yesterday morning. When Greg went down to feed the rowdy rabble of ladies in waiting, he discovered that one was waiting no more and one that is still very very much waiting and the size of a barge had snaffled one of Smudges babies.

Annie the ewe is still pregnant but clearly isn't prepared to wait for her own offspring to make their arrival and had stolen the still wet lamb. When Greg arrived, there was Smudge nursing a little brown lamb and also there was Annie happily licking a contented little brown baby who didn't know who his mommy was! Momentarily, Greg was confused, Annie still looked HUGE and there was no sign of a recent birthing, Smudge had obviously just lambed but Annie was in no mood for parting with her adoption. To try to solve 2 lambs confusion, Greg tried to gather the new little family of 3 but Annie was quite determined not to loose "her" baby and her frantic bawling could be heard through the valley!

Annie the ewe WAS going into the bonding pen whether she was invited or not. Greg had quite the struggle to persuade her that the lamb belonged to Smudge and Annies time will come soon enough judging by her condition. Supporters of Gertie the confused goose confused sheep, confused goose and confused Greg I'm confused why everything seems to be confused!!!!

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Watching from the house still on medical "house arrest" I watched Gertie with Quest in the field, where he went, that Canada goose was sure to go! Sadly, Gerties waddle was no match for Greg and the two Shires, not a problem for a goose with wings that really do work,even if she rarely seems to make use of them.

Gertie just took off and circled around them at head height before landing on the road just in front of the horses huge hooves. Gertie waddled along the road in front of the threesome who had to slow their pace for the goose!

Lady, unimpressed by Gertie who was delaying her dinner picked up her pace and Greg lady and Quest had to walk around her. Gertie stood for several minutes in the road by herself watching the horses go into the barn before she fluffed her feathers up honked and flew back to join Gustav who was waiting in the pasture.

Hiking Santa Ysabel Valley: San Diego County’s hidden treasure

I guess he has got used to taking a back seat in Gerties affections. Greg had a chicken " roundup" and the chicks that hatched at Farm Fest Open Farm Day in October now have new residents in their roost. These monarchs can be over feet tall with massive bare trunks and a collection of branches at their round top.

This allows these massive trees to absorb sunlight at the top of the forest canopy while having less fuel for fires lower down. Even when giant sequoias stop growing taller they will continue to grow wider. Younger sequoias under years old have a pointed top and a lot more branches designed to grab whatever sunlight they can get near the forest floor. Younger sequoias do not stand out from the surrounding pines the way that the towering monarchs do.

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You will pass several giant sequoias with black scars from fire damage. Another panel along the trail explains:. Frequent fire is common in good sequoia habitats, and mature trees have ways to survive. Most large sequoias survive fire and live well despite large scars. Thick bark with many air pockets insulates the wood from heat. With little sap or pitch in it, the bark is not very flammable.

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High branches hold foliage well above most fires. With competing plants burned away, surviving trees get more water, nutrients, and sun. A typical sequoia here might have survived several fires each century. New wood grows from either side of a fire scar, covering a little more each year. These marks reveal how many fires a tree has survived. Continuing north up the west side of the Round Meadow.

The pavement on Big Trees Trail will turn into a wooden boardwalk as the trail crosses a wetter section of the meadow.

CLEARING THE SCRAP - Shamrock Valley, Day 10: Farming Simulator 17 Role Play

A beautiful cluster of massive sequoias rises up above the trail. Some sequoias have flared bases, which can be a sign that the trees grew up in moist soil and relied on wider bases for support. In the Giant Forest, there may only be a thin layer of soil between the surface and the bedrock. Despite this lack of depth, giant sequoias are able to grow over feet tall in just three feet of soil.

While sequoias thrive alongside the meadow, which collects lots of water for their roots to absorb, they do not grow in the center of the meadow where their roots would rot from too much water. At the north end of Round Meadow you will pass a massive fallen sequoias that may have come down because the soil around the tree got too wet and the roots rotted. Circle down the east side of the loop, where you will pass large granite boulders on the forest floor, including one boulder that has fused with a giant sequoia not unlike the Ed by Ned Trees.

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Pass over a small stream flowing out of the meadow to close out the loop. Dogs and mountain bikes are prohibited on Big Trees Trail. There is an entrance fee for Sequoia National Park , but not permit is required to hike around Round Meadow. Big Trees Trail is wheelchair-friendly and enjoyable for all, so get out and explore the giant sequoias! To get to the trailhead: Take the Generals Highway Route to the Giant Forest Museum and park in the large lot on the west side of the road across from the museum.

The Giant Forest Museum is You may also view a regional map of surrounding Sierra Nevada trails and campgrounds. The official website for Sequoia National Park. Thank you for the helpful and informative trail descriptions. There is very little mention of them anywhere making it hard to plan a spring or fall visit when they are at their best. Hi, You should be able to track down dogwoods throughout the parks.

Redwood Mountain Grove and the North Grove Trail seem to have a good number of dogwood trees in addition to giant sequoias. Enjoy your trip! I really want to see the General Sherman, but i want also to see something else. I saw that there are a lot of trail, but i have no idea which one i can pick up. Do you have some advise? We have a car and so we can move and see different places.

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