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Welcome What are the three most important things in your life?

Which countries have the best quality of life?

Maps Land Map Land and how it is managed find out more. Redlist Revival Building knowledge about life find out more. Sustainable Life Indicators Making a difference find out more. People Map Population and how it is distributed find out more. Land Map that quantifies the different land uses.

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People Map that shows population and how it is distributed. We have a dedicated site for Germany.

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In this book, the author writes freely and often humorously about his life, beginning with his earliest childhood days. He describes his survival of American bombing raids when he was a teenager in Japan, his emergence as a researcher in a post-war university system that was seriously deficient, and his life as a mature mathematician in Princeton and in the international academic community. Every page of this memoir contains personal observations and striking stories. Such luminaries as Chevalley, Oppenheimer, Siegel, and Weil figure prominently in its anecdotes.

In , he received the Leroy P. The author relates not only his life and his significant mathematical achievements but also many aspects outside mathematics. The book is organized into four chapters … and an appendix.

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Giblin, The Mathematical Gazette, Vol. Google Search, for example, helps us find things, and it uses our location to supply more relevant information by guessing the language we speak, for starters. The more creative, indirect ways in which Google employs our location data can be helpful, too, or at least technically impressive.

Yes, Google, good guess. That is the restaurant I went to — but I would not like to review it, thanks.

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More often, however, the details of place and movement are being processed in the background, where that information is recorded because it can be, and made available to tools we largely take for granted. These tools are good at showing us what Google wants, as well as what it thinks it knows. To its credit, the company has long given users ways to see portions of the data collected from, and about, them. Google Takeout, a tool for downloading your own Google data, debuted in and now enables you to export material from at least 50 different services, including Gmail, Search, chats and payments.

The overwhelming volume of this information demonstrates just how deep, and inescapable, our relationships with the company have become. And it can be sneakily transformative. To see months of your own search history repeated back to you in list form is to suffer a strange mixture of your most mundane and anxious — and largely forgotten — moments.

Takeout offers some straightforward utility: The ability to download your photos, for example, lets you upload them elsewhere. Google also makes it possible for users to browse their recorded location history. This interface is very Google-ish, in that it makes a huge amount of information feel approachable; it is less like Google in the way it makes the material feel useless and hardly worth investigating.

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In Takeout, however, location data can be exported in raw form. Google Data Centre. When you stare down from on high at the last few years of your life — as recorded by your laptop and phone, and then self-subpoenaed from your Google account — your first impulse is forensic. If you fully opt into certain Google products in my case, various Google apps on an iPhone, including Google Maps , years of location history will be rendered as glowing circles, shaded from violet to green to yellow to red and overlaid on a map of the world.

To explore this data is to toggle, in seconds, among wildly disparate emotional states: surprise, disorientation, curiosity, disappointment.