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Results of the MACLoQ implementation suggest that there is only 1 regency which falls into the basic-sector category Banyumas , while the other regencies fall into the non-basic non-competitive sector category. A rule-based system is prone to conflict as new knowledge every time will emerge and indirectly must sign in to the knowledge base that is used by the system. A conflict occurred between the rules in the knowledge base can lead to the errors of reasoning or reasoning circulation.

Therefore, when added, the new rules will lead to conflict with other rules, and the only rules that really can be added to the knowledge base. From these conditions, this paper aims to propose a conflict resolution strategy for a medical debriefing system by analyzing scenarios based upon the runtime to improve the efficiency and reliability of systems. This paper contains the Short-Term Load Forecasting STLF using artificial neural network especially feed forward back propagation algorithm which is particularly optimized in order to getting a reduced error value result.

Electrical load forecasting target is a holiday that hasn't identical pattern and different from weekday's pattern, in other words the pattern of holiday load is an anomalous. Under these conditions, the level of forecasting accuracy will be decrease. Hence we need a method that capable to reducing error value in anomalous load forecasting. Learning process of algorithm is supervised or controlled, then some parameters are arranged before performing computation process.

Momentum constant a value is set at 0. Learning rate selection is made up to 2 decimal digits. In addition, hidden layer and input component are tested in several variation of number also. The test result leads to the conclusion that the number of hidden layer impact on the forecasting accuracy and test duration determined by the number of iterations when performing input data until it reaches the maximum of a parameter value. The study also aims to analyze the impact of Pb intoxication in the human body. The result showed that the Levels of heavy metals Pb Lead in the west — southwest of Jakarta Groundwater basin Ciputat, Pamulang, Ciledug, Kebayoran, Pondok Cina, Pondok Jagung, and Serpong are beyond the quality standards that has been suggested by the ministry of health.

The government set the standard in 0. Pb intoxication in humans can affect the reproductive system, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, and have bad effects to the nervous system of infants and children. Statistics about the condition of the school's website in Indonesia is still difficult. The method used is the content analysis and survey. Content analysis is reviewing the documents comprising the general category, while the survey is a observation process to get the facts from school websites. Aspects of the structure and content of school website are including institutional information, educators and education personnel, curriculum, student, infrastructure, school achievement, and public access.

The recommendations are needed to improve the quality of the school website. LOLP value is affected by load growth, the load duration curve, forced outage rate of the plant, number and capacity of generating units. This reliability index calculation begins with load forecasting to using multiple regression method.

Scenario 1 with compositions of conventional plants produce the largest LOLP in amounted to While the best reliability index generated in scenario 2 with the NPP amounted to 6. Improved reliability of systems using nuclear power more efficiently when compared to conventional plants because it also has advantages such as emission-free, inexpensive fuel costs, as well as high level of plant availability. Hybrid renewable energy system is an arrangement of one or more sources of renewable energy and also conventional energy.

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This paper describes a simulation results of hybrid renewable power system based on the available potential in an educational institution in Indonesia. HOMER software was used to simulate and analyse both in terms of optimization and economic terms. This software was developed through 3 main principles; simulation, optimization, and sensitivity analysis.

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Generally, the presented results show that the software can demonstrate a feasible hybrid power system as well to be realized. Data mining is one of the data processing techniques to collect information from a set of stored data.

Every day the consumption of electricity load is recorded by Electrical Company, usually at intervals of 15 or 30 minutes. This paper uses a clustering technique, which is one of data mining techniques to analyse the electrical load profiles during The result shows that KHM is the most appropriate method to classify the electrical load profile. The optimum number of clusters is determined using the Davies-Bouldin Index. By grouping the load profile, the demand of variation analysis and estimation of energy loss from the group of load profile with similar pattern can be done.

From the group of electric load profile, it can be known cluster load factor and a range of cluster loss factor that can help to find the range of values of coefficients for the estimated loss of energy without performing load flow studies. Most of architects and urban designers believe physical design gives impact on our social life. For example, a sign or landmark in the middle of a city makes people find orientation easier. In vice verse, most of social scientists believe it is social dynamic that plays role in shaping our space. How people spend their time moving from real space into cyber space is a proof that life style and IT give impact to space usage.

This paper argues that interaction between physical design and social change is a two ways process. Both design aspect and social dynamic influence each other. This paper aims to examine how designing of gated community plays important role in increasing or decreasing segregation, both spatially and socially. The paper explores some architectural design principles applied in a gated community called CitraLand in west Surabaya, Indonesia, and addresses segregation between CitraLanders and outside kampung. We find CitraLand is designed openly and fully accessible for outsiders.

It provides public spaces and several accessible gates and streets without walls and fences making all places inside and outside CitraLand spatially integrated. What's interesting is it still reinforces social segregation due to its policy on prohibiting using the public park. We believe CitraLand's planning and designing has successfully solved segregation problem spatially not socially. In Indonesia, a group of village people tends to move from one place to another and develops a living space to create a settlement.

This research is conducted by taking an example of a particular ethnic group that leaves the forestry area to a new place in the city. After some time, this group of people creates a similar or adapted socio-cultural system adapted from their origin place. The purpose of this research is to examine the socio-cultural aspects that significantly influence the emergence of urban village. This influence is interpreted as social and cultural relations with the establishment of space and significance of urban village.

By focusing on this issue, this research will trace the process of how a new and unplanned settlement could emerge.

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The process and elements are indispensable from social and cultural factors. Essentially, the shape of bulit space is a non-physical manifestation of local people, which is established from time to time. In this case, the research's challenge lies on the circumstance in Indonesia where society and culture influence the emergence of urban village. Physical appearance can be identified as a tipology of settlement and morphology of urban village.

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The architecture develops along with the development of human history. So architecture is the field of study related to human physically and non-physically. The development of architecture is a long process within the culture the architecture develops.

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Physically, architecture has different shape from every historical phase. The different shape has different historical background. The important building on one period is always impressed. This impression still remains until now, in this postmodern era.

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From the phenomena appear in architecture so this study focused on the monumental buildings by analyzing the form of the building in this era. The objects of the study are the buildings in Medan which represent the monumental impression Maimun Palace. The qualitative approach is applied to give more knowledge in history, theory, and criticsm of architecture.

The results of this study described that the monumental impression of the object of study and forms of building support that impression. The urban corridor is more than just a linear space to circulation. It is a place for community activities.

Since the urban area in Indonesia functionates without guidelines, it is necessary to analyze how this space being used by the community. The objective of the research is to explore the problems in utilization of public space in Dr. Mansur corridor in Medan and to propose some recommendation to improve it. The survey was started by mapping the physical situation that based on urban design aspects and the activities occur.

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Based on the data, the study identified the problems of the public space utilization. Next, study selected several buildings that significant in generating public life. The study analyzed the problems and opportunity to redesign the buildings that respect to public space. Then, the design ideas were presented to the buildings owners to get their response. The result of the observation shows that the fundamental problem in the corridor is the intervention of the private interest to the street as public space.

The study indicates that the majority of the buildings owner was not aware that their buildings had distracted the urban public space. However, they gave a positive respond to the design recommendation. The design offered the solution that provided individual needs without intervention to the public realm. The study can contribute to improving urban corridor by educating the community with architecture and urban design.

Bakkara Caldera Toba is an outstanding product of natural phenomena of Toba Supervolcano which has fascinating nature and culture. Bakkara has a great potential to develop world tourism further. It requires a model of sustainable planning Geopark to develop Bakkara. This sustainable concept helps to improve the local community and tourist's quality of life and also still maintain the quality of the environment.

The Collected data with a triangulation method. Development tourism destination such as attractions and environment; facilities and services; accessibility; image; and price to consume. It associated based on Geopark aspects there are; geological heritage; geo-conservation activities; sustainable tourism activities; educational; activities; community involvement products; strong management structure; and secure basis, infrastructure, and activities. The results of this study indicate that the Bakkara has the potential to become a tourist destination by applying the concept of Geotourism which accentuate its natural side, by optimizing the management of its destination attractions, its facilities and services, and its accessibilities.

This present time, Indonesia just began applying the concept of Green Architecture. The actions require community participation as residents and the users of the building.

Much more than documents.

The built environment is designed around the idea of Green Architecture but inhabited and managed improperly; the goal of sustainable built environment is not achieved. The aspect of behaviour is the key factor in the implementation of Green Architecture's concept. This research is a descriptive exploratory which is to identify the problems to the implementation of Green Architecture's concept in planned housing.