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The first five or six songs are like an American classic Master Class. Her playing is impeccable and exciting on I Thought About You, her singing passionate, her arrangements fresh. Light My Fire showcases her talents as a four-tool player — singer, pianist, arranger and songwriter — with a romantic collection of classic Brazilian songs, American pop and jazz standards set to Brazilian grooves, and original tunes.

There really is nobody like her, and you owe it to yourself to catch her while the mic is still hot. Buy Light My Fire—it will cool your summer. For years, she has transcended any badge that listeners might want to hang on her as she effortlessly veered between instrumental jazz and vocal pop and lately, both genres. As a pianist, Elias is plainly enviable. He is on three tunes.

The band, with guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves, is superb. In addition to her jazz pedigree as a respected keyboard player, singer, and arranger, Elias also has a classical music background and composes original music. Light My Fire contains four of her originals and several lightly swinging laid-back bossa nova tunes. The recording clearly places Brecker behind Elias, and the unanimity of phrasing makes for a somewhat eerie, ghostly impression. The balances on the rest of the tracks are exemplary and satisfying, with tight bass and warm upper frequencies.

All in all, this is an appealing CD that would be a perfect summertime companion. Her forthcoming album, Light My Fire — set for a May 31 release on Concord Picante, a division of Concord Music Group — wields this universal sound to explore the various corners of the human heart. Elias weaves it all together into a cohesive whole by injecting each of the 12 songs with distinctly Brazilian grooves that alternate between the fiery and passionate to the cool and sophisticated.

Her partner, musically as well as romantically, is Mr. Johnson, a bassist of supple erudition. Stellar bassist Marc Johnson anchors the band. But it is highly recommended for those still treasuring their old Gilberto and Sergio Mendes platters as well as newer devotees of the temperate strains of classic Brazilian pop. Daily News. This time she has regained her fiery piano and vocal energy by adding samba and Afro-Brazilian beats from Bahia…Light My Fire is a striking combination of jazz and Afro-Brazilian rhythms by one of the most interesting Brazilian musicians based in the United States.

On Light My Fire, Elias, joined by vocalist Gilberto Gil, trumpeter Randy Brecker and guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves, offers a diverse, swinging and immensely satisfying blend of Brazilian material and more…Projecting authority and a fertile creative mind, Elias has created a near-flawless effort, one reaffirming the elegance and timelessness of jazz from Brazil.

There is nobody just like her, for she is one of a special kind. Her piano stylings continue to dazzle and hypnotize! Highly recommended. Eliane Elias is a top-class artist and a joy to listen to. The recording is high quality and clear.

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It is a kaleidoscope of sounds, rhythms and expressions of life. The effervescing sound and at times, refreshingly relaxed, is on full display with Light My Fire by Eliane Elias. Buy this on May 31 and be the envy of your friends, which we know is one of the chief joys of summer entertaining! Hot stuff throughout as she puts the boss in bossa nova.

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Eliane has a telepathic connection with her top-drawer rhythm section, including veteran guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves, bassist Marc Johnson, and drummer Paulo Braga. Pero Elias tiene un gusto irreprochable y el virtuosismo de su piano aparece cuando tiene que aparecer. Elias la reviste de terciopelo — AARP. Elegant is one way to describe Light My Fire, the new album release by Brazilian pianist-singer-songwriter Eliane Elias, who while still in her teens was mentored by fellow Brazilians, singer-songwriter Toquinho and Vinicius de Moraes who co-wrote and served as the lyricist for Antonio Carlos Jobim.

The elements of Pop and Adult Contemporary are evident throughout the songs. Breathtaking is the word that comes to mind while listening to the title song, as Ms. Eliane Elias has created a musical masterpiece with Light My Fire, an album that will sweep you away to another place and time, find a special place in your heart and leave you longing for the one you love or to be in love again. The arrangements are breathtaking, the musicianship is exquisite and Eliane Elias is elegant. This is a Grammy Award worthy performance by one of the most gifted ladies on the music scene today, in any genre.

On Light My Fire, she set out to extend the range of styles and grooves in her music and, in so doing, mixes Brazilian music with a couple of jazz standards and one or two famous pop and rock songs.

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The Brazilian songs, which comprise the majority of the album, are splendidly cool and generate a real sense of positivity and optimism. But her new album, Light My Fire, thoroughly authenticates her equally impressive abilities as a singer. With Elias caressing the lyrics with her breathy, seductive style, you had to pay attention to note the keyboard wizardy she was performing at the same time, slyly injecting the tune with bouncy rhythmic undertones.

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You may just have an unexpected peak experience and be blown away, too. Elias is not a much bigger star outside the enclave of jazz insiders eludes me. She can make you sway and reduce you to tears, often simultaneously. She is not, God forbid, a lounge act. Lo mucho que te quiero. Pues bien, creo que he decidido ser esclavo de tu recuerdo, y, lo que es igual, de este piano que es el puente para alcanzarte. Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible. Common reasons:.

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It's a completely public and open space to all members of the Steemit community who voluntarily choose to be there. Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account. A restem service has also started. Read the rules of this manual bot before sending anything. Gracias por leerme y por tu comentario. Muy agradecido por tu comentario :. Muchas gracias por tus palabras y por leerlo. There is nothing mechanical about what she does, or how she affects an audience. But she achieves a haunting intimacy that is never ponderous. And she can swing. So what you get with these 14 vocal selections is bona fide rather than bogus bossa nova.

How she does what she does as a pianist remains an enigma to me. That left hand is a store of huge power, the internal voicings and lines are complex, multidirectional, polyrhythmic, there is always masses of information being laid down. And yet, and yet — and this is the miracle- somehow there is always space….. Elias is also a fine idiomatic singer, at her best in the inherently musical inflexions of her native Brazilian Portuguese. This is a true musician singing.

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Her voice, vocal phrasing, feel and interpretation place her at the top of this genre. It ties into how I got into this music. But it was especially strong when we were in the studio. When the red light goes on, there are only a few moments to compose yourself and try to enter into that concentrated place where all that remains is what we hear and play together.

And that, ultimately, pays tribute as well to Eliane Elias and to those who will draw from her example in their own music, in years to come. The turning point [in her singing career], perhaps, was the unfussy set of Jobim vocals she recorded about a decade ago. Since then, Elias has grown in confidence as a singer.

She and her partners — the bassist Marc Johnson and the drummer Adam Nussbaum —are at the top of their form right now…. One of the most explosive performances I have heard in the past year. Elias sings with a slight Portuguese accent … comparisons to Astrud Gilberto are inevitable. Something for You is not only a heartfelt and pitch-perfect tribute to Evans, but also a personal triumph for Elias, one of the strongest albums of her career… sultry, suede-smooth vocals… — All About Jazz New York , January Eliane Elias is to jazz what Sade and Basia are to pop — a gifted vocal ballerina who glides across notes with whisper light her voice seemingly floating on a puffy cloud of comfortable lyricism almost as if she is sailing on a breeze.

The Brazil-born, New York-based Elias has played the singer card before in her album career, but nothing like this outing, where she delivers a spellbinding meld of pop, Brazillian and Latin music with a jazz sensibility. Some of the guests, like Ms. Elias, achieved a sparkling charisma. With its many moods and lovely turns, this record is the aural equivalent of a beautiful and graceful woman dancing in the dark. Elias delivers seductive tones and textures of her native Brazil, joining them with masterful jazz tonalities. She sings perfect music for a lazy afternoon out in the sun or romantic dinner..

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Treat yourself to an audio island paradise with Eliane Elias and Dreamer! Eliane Elias is a case in point. A solid pianist familiar with all the modern-jazz icons from Bud Powell to Herbie Hancock, she has been traveling in fast jazz company for years, but only now are the business-suits taking stock of her extra-curricular assets. When she stepped on stage last night, her trim figure shoe-horned into a black catsuit with side-slashed trouser-legs, conversation died.

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This was glamour that put movie actresses in the shade. Then there wqs her voice, a husky instrument with the offhand, lightly-accented charm of a latter-day Astrud Gilberto. And her face, which radiated the joy of musicmaking.