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For most, it was the same reason humanity peers up into the night sky- curiosity. Like people today going on Just a few miles outside of Albuquerque New Mexico there's something horribly wrong in a remote valley. To their eternal regret some people have mistaken the screams echoing in the hills as coyotes singing to the moon. When Josey drives his truck dow We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB.

By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: 8 titles. What the Keck!? Boris was happy to oblige and was chomping happily as Billy quickly put the plate in the dishwasher. He grabbed his pillowcase and was heading for the front door when he heard Bo's voice coming from the darkened dining room through the small archway.

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I told her you wouldn't like that stuff for dinner. It's okay, Billy. I'll tell her I saw you eat it. Come on in here for a second, and flip on the light.

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The doorbell rang again as Billy went into the dining room, after turning on the light switch. Looking at Bo he stopped and stared in amazement. He'd shaved and was dressed in clean clothes. He didn't smell of booze either. His eyes were still bloodshot, but overall he looked better than he had in weeks. I'm trying to cut down. Your mom was happily surprised to see me shaved and cleaned up too. Now, if I can get past this hangover, I'll be happy, he said, smiling.

There was a plate with half a chicken breast and a small pile of Brussels sprouts on the table in front of him. Well um, you do look a lot better, Mr. Autry, Billy said, unsure what else to say. I know you wanna get to trick or treating, but I want you to take this, Bo said, sliding a cell phone across the table. If you get lost or anything give me a call.

Unless, of course, you want me to go with you. Bo had thought hard about how to approach Billy regarding the bullies and decided to let him choose. Billy picked up the phone and put it in his magician's jacket pocket.

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He wasn't sure what to say. Part of him wanted Bo to come with him, but a bigger part felt ashamed to ask. I'm not a wimp. I 'm not a baby either. But it'd sure be nice to have him along, he realized. Thanks for the offer, Mr. Come with me! Protect me from those fart knockers! I'm just a kid! Bo saw the look of indecision in the boy's eyes and felt even angrier with the bastards who beat up Billy, than he had earlier.

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At the same time he admired the determination he saw in the kid's face. He had considered the possibility Billy would rather go alone and had two backup plans. One was Cheryl's cell phone he had the boy take. It had a function that would allow him to track where he was within twenty five feet. His other backup was one he knew Billy would agree to. Did you finish your dinner? Cheryl asked, after giving out candy to the pack of early trick or treaters and wandering into the dining room. Billy looked up guiltily and Bo spoke up.

He ate all the chicken, but I begged him to let me have some of his Brussels sprouts. You know how much I love them. Billy smiled up at his mom and dramatically patted his belly. It was delicious. Better than the golden arches chicken nuggets and healthier for me, too. Cheryl had a suspicious look in her eye and was about to speak when the doorbell rang again.

Well, I'm glad you liked it.

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Be home by nine o'clock, be safe and have fun, she said, walking back to the front door. Maybe you should take Boris out with you. He could use a walk after eating your dinner, Bo whispered. After the boy left the kitchen, Bo opened his cell phone, pressed a few buttons, and a map with a flashing blue dot appeared on the screen. He stabbed a Brussels sprout with his fork and bit it down, thinking, Nasty damn things. Feels like I have a green testicle in my mouth. Choking it down, he smiled as Cheryl came back in carrying the bowl of candy.

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What made you get so cleaned up? You look just like the sexy man I met last summer? She asked, playfully. Bo had a headache. It had been a dull throbbing pain all afternoon until she asked him what was going on. It suddenly felt like a red hot spike was thrust into his brain. Good God, I need a drink, he thought, but managed a feeble smile and said, Just felt it was time to get my shit together, that's all. He stood up and slid the cell phone into his dark leather jacket.

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But I've really got a bad headache right now, so I might go outside for a walk and try to clear my head. I have some pain pills if you want something, she said, tenderly holding his hand and looking up at him in concern. The doorbell rang but she didn't move. I'll be fine.

http://airtec.gr/images/como-rastrear/2207-chip-para-celular.php You better give out some candy before we start getting tricked. He held her for a few moments and kissed her lips gently. I'll be back, after awhile. Billy knew his dog would behave himself, but attached the leash to his collar just in case he got spooked by all the kids dressed up like monsters.

Boris had finished off any evidence of the grilled chicken and seemed happy to be going for a walk. Usually during the week, between school and the time required to master the mystically confusing and ultimately useless skill of algebra among his other homework assignments, he never had time to take Boris for a walk. You better behave yourself out there tonight, fuzzy butt. No biting anyone, unless it's the fart knocker Jessie and his shit head friends.

If they show up, feel free to go demon dog on them, Billy said, as he led Boris through the back gate and latched it shut behind them. Together, they ran down the alley in the direction opposite of where he'd been beaten up earlier. Wishing he'd thought to make up some sort of costume for Boris, they ran to the first decorated house and followed kids dressed up for a night of fun.

The sun was still above the horizon as he got his first treat of the evening. It wasn't one of those tiny 'fun size' candy bars, either. It was full size and he flashed his jacket's goofy lights that spelled out 'Magic Man' for the lady and waved his wand dramatically, producing a bouquet of flowers to show his appreciation.

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Running with Boris, he thought, This might be the best Halloween ever, even if I am dressed up like a doofus. Well, that was a complete waste of time. I can't believe I let you talk me into giving up an afternoon of golfing to watch a bunch hyperactive twits gorge themselves with enough sugary crap to send them all into diabetic comas, the middle-aged man grumped, as he drove down the driveway.

Don't be that way, Lou. It was just a birthday party and Sheila loved it, his wife said, from the passenger seat of the Mercedes. She turned around and saw her daughter sleeping peacefully in the car seat behind her husband before continuing. You're just not happy watching kids have a good time eating candy or anything else, because you know sooner or later they'll be sitting in your chair to have their cavities filled.

Grunting softly, Dr. Louis Bunn, one of Albuquerque New Mexico's most respected dentists stuck his tongue out at his wife while waiting for the gate at the end of the driveway to automatically swing open. At the first sign the birthday party was ending he'd offered a quick insincere sounding thanks to the hostess before snatching up his five year old daughter and almost sprinting to the car. His afternoon had been wasted, but he planned on making up for it tonight at his country club's Halloween Spooktacular Costume Party.

If I can get rid of this damn headache, that is, he thought, passing an old pickup truck puttering along the dirt road trailing a billowing cloud of blue and white exhaust.

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He blamed the children and the incessant shouting and screeching they made at the party for his throbbing head.